Washroom Chemicals

When it comes to washrooms, toilets and changing rooms, it’s easy to decipher that there are more germs present here. In addition to this, you’ll most likely have a high amount of traffic and lots of touch points that can see numerous hands touching them over the course of a single day. Toilets are often one of the first or last places your customer sees; keeping these rooms clean will prevent the spread of germs and offer your employees, customers and visitors a healthy and comfortable environment to use.

Through the use of quality toilet and washroom chemicals you will be able to maintain a clean and sanitary public or residential toilet area that should always be in exemplary condition. We recommend products such as Evans Vanodine Everfresh Toilet & Washroom Cleaner, Protect Disinfectant Cleaner and Final Touch Washroom Sanitiser to ensure dirt, mould and mildew do not deteriorate or stain sinks, floors and toilets, as well as killing bacteria, viruses and germs. It’s a win; win really!

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