A public or commercial washroom with glistening floors, fresh aromas and streak-free mirrors isn’t all customers and employees are looking for nowadays. A healthcare premises, school, garage or kitchen can be as clean and tidy as can be, however if practicality's not front of mind, it's a waste.

According to the Westminster study, paper towels effectively remove any remaining bacteria on hands following the handwashing process. Conclusion: Hand towels and dispensers are a must.

Blue centrefreed rolls can also have a dual purpose, as when used with blue roll, the same rolls of paper can also be used as kitchen towel since they serve the same purpose of cleaning your hands from a somewhat hidden location in the form of a dispenser. They are super practical and aesthetically pleasing. Conclusion: Centrefeed dispensers are a must.

Have you ever heard of the ‘sneeze effect’ by Dr Charles Gerba? His study found that a large number of bacteria and germs collect in the toilet bowl despite persistent flushing. Each time the toilet is then flushed an invisible cloud of dirty water and bacteria is projected out of the bowl spreading up to 8 feet away. Conclusion: your toilet roll needs protected. Toilet roll dispensers are a must.

Having liquid soap in a dispenser means easy usage, regular maintenance is simplified, controlled dosages are given which will eliminate overuse. Conclusion: soap dispensers are a must.

Now that we’ve justified why dispensers are vital for maintaining a beautiful, clean and safe washroom space, scroll down to find our fantastic range from our well-respected, manufacturers.

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